What is the Best Exchange Rate API? A Comprehensive Comparison

Chris Maule
November 24, 2023


In the rapidly evolving world of forex trading, having access to accurate and up-to-date exchange rate information is essential for both businesses and individual traders. With countless APIs available in the market, choosing the best one to suit your needs can be a daunting task. This article will provide a comprehensive comparison of different exchange rate APIs, highlighting the benefits of fastFOREX's API over other services in the market.

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Overview of Exchange Rate APIs

An Exchange Rate API is a service that provides real-time or historical currency conversion rates. These APIs enable users to integrate accurate, up-to-date exchange rate information into their applications or platforms. Some of the key features to look for when choosing an exchange rate API include:

·     Reliability: The API should provide accurate and up-to-date information.

·     Speed: The API should deliver data quickly and efficiently.

·     Scalability: The API should be able to handle a high volume of requests.

·     Cost: The API should offer competitive pricing for its services.

·     Documentation: The API should provide clear and comprehensive documentation to facilitate integration.

fastFOREX.io Exchange Rate API

fastFOREX.io is a leading exchange rate API provider that offers highly reliable, fast, and accurate currency conversion data. The API covers over 145+ currencies, including major, minor, and exotic pairs, as well as cryptocurrencies. Some of the key features of fastFOREX's API include:

·     High-quality data sourced from multiple providers and financial institutions.

·     Low-millisecond response times for fast and efficient data delivery.

·     Scalability to handle a large volume of requests without compromising performance.

·     Competitive pricing with a range of subscription plans to suit different needs.

·     Comprehensive and easy-to-follow documentation for seamless integration.

 Comparison with Other Popular Exchange Rate APIs

To better understand the benefits of fastFOREX’s API, let's compare it with some other popular exchange rate APIs available in the market.

 Open Exchange Rates API

Open Exchange Rates API provides exchange rate data for around 170 currencies, taking into account a limited number of cryptocurrencies. The API offers historical data and allows users to request data in different formats. However, the free version of the API has some limitations, such as a lower number of available currencies and a limited number of requests per month.

Compared to fastFOREX.io, Open Exchange Rates API may not be as fast or scalable, and its pricing plans may not be as competitive for users who require high volumes of data.

 Xignite API

Xignite is a cloud-based financial market data API provider that offers exchange rate data for over 145+ currencies. The API provides real-time, historical, and forward rate data, as well as currency conversion functionality. Xignite API is known for its reliability and accuracy, but its pricing plans can be on the higher side, especially for businesses with high data needs. 

fastFOREX's API offers comparable data quality and coverage but at a more competitive price, making it a better option for users seeking cost-effective solutions.


OANDA is a well-known forex trading platform that also offers an exchange rate API. The API provides real-time and historical exchange rates for over 200 currencies and precious metals. OANDA API is known for its reliability and accuracy, but it may not be as fast or scalable as fastFOREX's API. Additionally, OANDA's pricing plans may be more expensive for users who require high volumes of data.

fastFOREX's API offers a better balance of speed, scalability, and cost-effectiveness compared to OANDA API.

 CurrencyStack API

CurrencyStack API is designed to be simple and easy to use, making it a good choice for small businesses and individual users. However, its data coverage may not be as extensive as fastFOREX's API, which covers over 145+ currencies, including cryptocurrencies. Additionally, CurrencyStack API may not be as fast or scalable as fastFOREX's API, potentially limiting its effectiveness for users who require high data volumes or rapid data delivery.

fastFOREX's API offers a more comprehensive data coverage, faster response times, and better scalability compared to CurrencyStack API, making it a superior choice for users with varying data needs.

 Key Benefits of fastFOREX's Exchange Rate API

After comparing fastFOREX's API with other popular exchange rate APIs, it is clear that fastFOREX.io offers several key advantages:

a. Extensive Data Coverage

fastFOREX's API covers over 145+currencies, including major, minor, and exotic currency pairs, as well as a further 300+ cryptocurrencies. This extensive data coverage ensures that users can access the exchange rate information they need, no matter how niche or specialised their requirements are.

b. Speed and Scalability

fastFOREX's API boasts low-millisecond response times, ensuring rapid data delivery for users. The API is also highly scalable, capable of handling large volumes of requests without compromising performance. This combination of speed and scalability makes fastFOREX's API ideal for users who require up-to-date exchange rate information delivered quickly and efficiently.

c. Competitive Pricing

fastFOREX.io offers competitive pricing plans to suit the needs of various users, from individual traders to large enterprises. With a range of subscription options available, users can choose the plan that best aligns with their data needs and budget, ensuring they receive excellent value for money.

d. Comprehensive Documentation

fastFOREX's API provides clear, easy-to-follow documentation that makes integration a breeze. The detailed documentation ensures that users can quickly and effectively incorporate the API into their applications or platforms, minimizing the time and effort required for implementation.


When considering the factors that contribute to an excellent exchange rate API – reliability, speed, scalability,cost, and documentation – fastFOREX's API stands out as a superior choice compared to other services in the market. With its extensive data coverage, rapid response times, scalability, competitive pricing, and comprehensive documentation, FastFOREX’s API offers users an unparalleled combination of features and benefits.

Whether you are an individual trader seeking accurate exchange rate information for your transactions or a business requiring a reliable and efficient solution for integrating currency conversion data into your platform, fastFOREX's Exchange Rate API is the ideal choice to meet your needs. To learn more and get started with fastFOREX's API, Get a Free Trial API Key today.

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